Ultra-Flex – Welding Cable #1 Whip 10ft or 15ft


Ultra-Flex is the most flexible welding cable on the market and easily recognized with its bright orange jacket.

Ultra-Flex is the preferred cable for extremely cold work environments.

We stock #2 thru 2/0 on 250′ (minimum of 25 ft purchase)

Ultra-Flex Welding cable is designed to give you extra flexibility where stingers and whips, leads, and grounds are used.

Designed especially where high flexibility is required such as pipelines, robotics, and tight spaces.


  • Meets SAEJ1127
  • National Electrical Code article 630 electric welders
  • Rugged jacket and highly flexible
  • Resits Abrasion, Cut, Tear, Ozone, Flame, Grease, Oil, Water, Acid, Diesel, and Gas
  • Halogen free and Ozone resistant
  • Sequentially marked
  • Custom indent available
  • Made in USA


Ultra-Flex Construction:  Conductors: Highly flexible 36 gauge copper

  1. Insulation: Rugged Proprietary EDPM jacket with black stripe and paper separator
  2. Temp Range: -50 C to +105 C(-58 F to 221 F) Rated to 600 Volts
  3. Stock Sizes: Available in 250 and 500 ft reels
  4. Packaging: Coiled, boxed, and shrink wrapped
  5. Color(s): Orange with black stripe

Ultra Flex Welding Cable Construction

Additional information

Lead #1

10FT, 15FT


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